"Our previous accountant was not intimately familiar with oil and gas investments and operations, and Lynne has a prior accounting background with an oil and gas company. Gianola, Harmon & Associates helped streamline our business and personal tax returns, and working with a smaller accounting firm got us increased personal attention in our tax and accounting issues."

-Darryl Griwatz, CPL, President and General Manager, Honor Resources Company

"I am so grateful that the president and board of directors of West Virginia Nursery & Landscaping Association hired Gianola, Harmon and Associates. Although the Association has existed since 1939, none of the members was especially knowledgeable about accounting and taxes. Steven Harmon painstakingly sorted through the records, set up accounting and compensation systems and brought WVNLA into compliance regarding taxes, registrations and fees. The firm handles payroll and completes tax forms. They provide financial statements for board meetings. As executive director of the organization, I have great confidence that WVNLA’s financials are in order, thanks to Gianola, Harmon and Associates."

-Julie Robinson, Executive Director, West Virginia Nursery & Landscaping Association

"I have been a customer of Gianola, Harmon & Associates for nearly 30 years!My first need was fairly simple: I filed my own taxes and made an error that triggered a letter from the IRS. They were able to help resolve the issue. That help led me to use them for basic filings all those years ago. As my businesses have grown, so has our relationship. Steven Harmon has taken on the task of learning about and understanding the mix of businesses I own. His advice and insight is “spot on,” and his willingness to research ideas or issues is very valuable.I feel that Gianola, Harmon & Associates is a partner, not a vendor!"

-Matt Coleman, President, Office & Commercial Cleaning - WV, L.L.C.


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